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Thanks Don

You make a good point everyone should consider. I have noticed a teeker-totter effect with Toroids and un blanaced reactive feeders like 450 ohm ladder line. Get the SWR nulled out and in one minute it starts to climb again as a toroid saturates, null it out again and it happens again.

Your tuner suggestion is obviously the best but a few of us like to see if we can noodle it out with home brew stuff.

Thanks again for your comments

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Date: 2006/04/19 Wed PM 12:43:25 EDT
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Subject: RE: [AMRadio] Baluns for Zepp Antenna

>From: <w6om at cox.net>
>Simple Coax Balun
>Toroid Balun
>Romex and PVC under $3.00 Balun

All those baluns operate on the assumption that the balanced load is 
primarily resistive.  If the load is highly reactive, as is often the case 
with open wire resonant feeders, the balun may not function properly, 
especially the toroidal types at high power.

I still prefer an honest-to-god balanced tuner, with split stator capacitor 
and symmetrical balanced coil.

Don k4kyv

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