[AMRadio] antenna tuners

Alan Beck abeck at xplornet.com
Thu Apr 20 05:45:05 EDT 2006

I don't believe in them.

If you can't resonate your antenna, then what are you doing?

If you use a tuner, you are creating a voltage divider effect that 
creates a reactive load in your shack, to ground that makes your antenna 
"feed line + radiating elements".

Over the years, the importance of having at least a 2:1 match with at 
least 1.5:1 some where in the the antenna design.

Proper antenna design for your favorite frequencies is the best choice.

I currently use a multi-element dipole to cover 80,40,20,15 and 10 meters.

I just use a VSWR bridge and back off the power when the SWR rises close 
to 2:1.

I am not saying my answer is the best, I am only stating my opinion.

Just like microphones in the sound work I help out with at church. If 
they are not singing into the mic, I cannot "fix it" without creating a 
gain structure that is sucking up to feed back"

You need to fix your problems at the source.

I our cases, it is resonance of your antenna, by some means.

Even my hamstick on my jeep does great due to attention to resonance.


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