[AMRadio] Time machines for your parlor

W1EOF w1eof at hamnutz.com
Thu Apr 20 13:59:10 EDT 2006

I was recently given a bound set of QSTs from 1931 to 1942. Boy oh boy, in
addition to the various email lists I now have another distraction keeping
me from DOING stuff. How wonderful it is to be able to sit down in an easy
chair and page through ham history. Not just the articles either. I check
out the section news from Rhode Island looking for mentions of my Dad or his
buddies from the 1930s! It's very cool to see what issues were significant
to a ham back then... and what wasn't.

During a move about ten years ago I stupidly dumped most of the magazines I
had been collecting. None were this old, but I had QST pretty much
consistently from 1971 onward. (Also had about 12 years of BYTE, now worth
big bucks). I was thinking that I would get the CD-ROMS and be happy with
those. I was very tired at the time doing a lot of moving as I combined two
families. I also dumped a bunch of transformer iron too. <sigh> I started
regreting it about a year later and have ever since. I understand that for
some, downsizing is a necessity that cannot be avoided. But in my case it
was voluntary.

Anyway... if you have not done so in awhile, take a few minutes to peruse
some really old magazines or books. Get a nice cup of your favorite
beverage, a comfy chair, and some quiet time. Someone on a list was looking
for a time machine... This is the closest thing we got.



PS: I'm not anti-CDs either. Searching for info and finding it is MUCH much
easier, faster, and more complete using the CDs. But they lack the feel,
smell, and soul of an old magazine. YMMV
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