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I agree also that it great to have the paper product in front of you ether in bed or your easy chair and see what went on years ago. i have them from the late 20's on to new. You sure can see how our hobby as grown !
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> On 4/20/06, W1EOF wrote: 
> > Anyway... if you have not done so in awhile, take a few minutes to peruse 
> > some really old magazines or books. Get a nice cup of your favorite 
> > beverage, a comfy chair, and some quiet time. Someone on a list was looking 
> > for a time machine... This is the closest thing we got. 
> It's the only way to go, Mark. CDs are nice, compact and all that, but 
> a pain to try to read in bed and so on. 
> Strange coincidence perhaps, but two nights ago a friend gave me a 
> backseat full of QSTs, a couple years of CQ, and a box of old 
> hardcover books including the fourth edition of the Radiotron 
> Designer's Handbook and volumes of VHF and UHF by the Radio Laboratory 
> Staff. QSTs go from the late 30s to the 70s, some of the later ones 
> are in binders. 
> At some point, I'm hoping to trade off some of the dark brown binders 
> for the older red ones, maybe even find some of the CQ and 73 hard 
> binders as well. Like you, I'm not anti-CD, but there's nothing quite 
> like being able to walk over to the bookcase, slide out the book you 
> want, and carry it off somewhere to leaf through its pages. 
> If there's anyone out there with magazines to trade, sell, or 
> otherwise dispose of, perhaps we can work some deals to get the issues 
> to those who want them. I have a lot of duplicates, but the thought of 
> having them pulped isn't at all appealing. 
> ~ Todd, KA1KAQ 
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