[AMRadio] Correct tuning procedure

gwt gwt at mpinet.com
Thu Apr 20 18:07:30 EDT 2006

I'm wondering if some "guru" out in AM land can set me straight on how 
to properly tune a long wire using an "L" network or a "T" network tuner 
configuration. I have two
long wires, each 285 feet long. They feed directly into my shack, where 
the tuner is located.
I have a tuner that I built using a BC610 external tuner roller inductor 
and two BC610 variable capacitors, allowing me to use either method to 
tune my long wires.
Question #1:
Which is the best method to tune with? An "L" network or a "T" network?
Question #2:
To reduce the losses coming from the tuner, which is best to use? The 
least amount of
inductance you can use to get a match, or the highest inductance to get 
a match?
Question #3:
Which method will most likely give the widest bandwidth without re 

George KE4HJ

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