[AMRadio] Broadcast transmitter

Ken Zuercher hepcatrevival at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 23 15:48:15 EDT 2006

I have a "leftover " BC1-T at an AM site that they
said I can have. It can't go to my house if I want to
stay married so I may try to put up a wire at the AM
site it still is residing at. I am still contracting
there anyway and there is plenty of space for a wire
antenna. I haven't tried to operate on HF at an on-air
site before. Is it possible (1 KW)? It might take a
good filter on the receiver for 160 or 75 meters. 
How's life in Idaho?
Ken Zuercher KC8QO

--- SBJohnston at aol.com wrote:

> >I just got a RCA BTA 5F
> Wow - that's a *big* old beast.  I had a 5F at the
> WGH night site - I could 
> climb inside a couple of the cabinets!  It was huge
> for 5 kW.  I really liked 
> the schematic printed on rolled-up silk.
> Steve WD8DAS
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