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Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 24 00:16:49 EDT 2006

>From: "Brian Carling" <bcarling at cfl.rr.com>
>The power may not be wasted very much in the tuner, BUT
>REFLECTED power goes back into the RF final and is disippated
>in the famil amplifier device(s) - at least many people have
>written articles for decades describing that marticular "myth"
>or so-called "FALSE STATEMENT." I am not so sure it is false

That is a myth.  The power that is not  radiated by the antenna or burnt up 
as resistive loss in the wire, goes back to tank circuit of the transmitter, 
contributes to the circulating rf current in the tank circuit, and is 
re-reflected back to the antenna.  It may take several oscillations back and 
forth before all the energy is dissipated, but it is eventually dissipated 
in the antenna as radiated power and in the wire as resistive loss, not in 
the final amplifier tubes.  The standing waves can be thought of as 
circulating current on the feedline.

If the open wire line is  left open with nothing connected, or if it is 
shorted, no rf escapes the feedline to excite an antenna.  It is nearly all 
reflected back to the transmitter, and then back to the opposite end, until 
it is all dissipated as heat due to resistive losses.  The current on the 
feeders, as measured with an rf ammeter, might be very high, but there is no 
radiation resistance or radiation.  The rf ammeter may read seveal amperes 
while the final amp is dipped at resonance to near zero place current.  
There is very high circulating current in the tank circuit and the feeder, 
and at some points the voltage is very high - basically a Tesla  coil, but 
negligible radiation.

The myth I have often heard is that the rf is delivered back to the final 
and is dissipated in the plates of the output tubes.  That is not true.  If 
the plates of the tubes glow, it is due to plate dissipation (DC input to 
the final minus the power delivered to the tank circuit).  This dissipation 
is due to operating conditions of the tube, not rf power being reflected 
back into the tube.

Don k4kyv


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