[AMRadio] antenna tuners transmision lines and more

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Mon Apr 24 17:17:50 EDT 2006

John said:

"Now, there may be something that I have not seen that
has tubes for output and yet no tuning on the final
and that requires a specific load resistance for Z
match as does the SS equipment."

Jim Says, "Check out the Central Electronics 100V /
200V 100 watt transmitter with a pair of 6550's or the
Central Electronics 600L linear amplifier with a grid
driven 813. These are no tune tube circuits that work
very well so long as the load is near 50 ohms
resistive. These were way ahead of their time like
standard front disc brakes on the Studebaker. Both
companies disappeared in the 1960's too.


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