[AMRadio] FS: QCWA, Misc Radio & Electronics Literature

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Fri Apr 28 10:17:33 EDT 2006

For Sale: Miscellaneous Radio and Electronics Literature

QCWA Journal collection: 1991-2003 with many gaps.
Includes June 1993 membership directory. 22 issues
plus directory and some extra stuff. $10 plus about $7 US media mailing

Coaxial Dynamics 1985 catalog/brochure set. $3

Radio Shack Introduces The World Of Computers, 1977
(TRS-80). $3 each  3 copies available

Radio Shack 1978 TRS-80 Microcomputer System Products
brochure. $3

Rohn Amateur Radio Tower Installation Information,
Engineering Data and Specifications Handbook, 1964,
about 125 pages, comb-bound. $5

Rohn Handbook, same as above, but dated 1972. $5

James Millen photocopy, A Combination AC and DC
Amateur Band Receiver, QST reprint about the SW-3,
with some coil winding info added. $2 each 2 copies

Delta Electronics OIB-1 Impedance Bridge Instruction
Book, Application Bulletin #1, and Application
Bulletin #3, all phtocopies. $3

One Greenback List. All items listed below are $1 plus
$1 postage.

Wilson 1978 catalog. Fold damage at bottom left edge.
Yaesu FT-890 Brochure set.
Yaesu catalog undated but maybe 1986? FT-1000, FT-990, etc.
Electrospace 2000C Beam Steering Combiner brochure
Antenna Specialists antenna catalog 1976
KLM catalog 1976-77
Moseley 1977 catalog water stained covers
Moseley electronics Inc., 1966 catalog
Rohn fold-over towers brochure, 1973
Rohn BX towers brochure, undated but 1976 I think
Tri-Ex Tower Catalog 1977, 3 copies available
Tristao Tower Division Catalog 1978
Atronics CW Keyboard brochure, undated but it is 1978 or so
MFJ 1978 catalog
Radio News, November 1927, no covers
Precision 10-xx  tube testers manual copy, poor copy, with tube charts
Mackay 3010-x receivers manual copy, no schematic, poor copy
Lynmar Engineers TRS-1 transmit-receive switch
instruction sheet, no schmatic
Kenwood SP-230 instruction sheet, warranty card, etc
RCA ET-8037 Instructions for Converting the 
   6 MC Channel For Operation In The 4MC Band
Eico 275 LCD Readout Digital VOM-Multitester Instruction Manual
Ramsey Electronics PR-2 RF Preamp instruction manual (2 copies available)
Bird 43 Watt Meter brochure, 1982
Micronta 22-024 Transistor Tester Manual
Pyramid Phase III PS-25 Power Supply Instruction Sheet
Lafayette Radio LSG-10 Signal Generator poor manual copy
Ramsey CT-125 Frequency Counter manual
NRI Profesional Tube Tester Model 70 manual (has schematic but no tube chart)
MFJ-452 Morse Keyer manual
Lakeshore Industries Model P2983 Low Pass Audio Filter instruction sheet (2 pages)
Military Preliminary Instruction Data For Radio Test
Set AN/URM-30. This was used with URM-4, URC-2, -4, -6 
   radio sets. 6 pages with schematic. No covers.
GE Entertainment Semiconductor Almanac 1969
GE Entertainment Semiconductor Almanac 1971
Delco/Remy, Introducing Delcotron, And A  New Charging Circuit, 50 pages, 1962
Delco/Remy DR-3245-1 Test Specifications, 1957 to 1962 Supplement 

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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