[AMRadio] FS: Radio Books, RBB/RBC Manuals, Magazines, Courseware

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Fri Apr 28 10:36:00 EDT 2006

For Sale: Radio Books, Magazines, Manuals, Courseware.
All prices plus $2 US media mailing unles noted
otherwise. PPD =  Insured postage included in the

Military manual: Navships 91469 Radio Receiving
Equipment Navy Models RBB-5, RBC-5 and RBB-6, RBC-6,
RCA, July, 1951, with corrections T-1 and T-2.
Excellent original condition with large fold-outs,
detailed photos, etc. $60 PPD

Military manual: NAVSHIPS 91101 Instruction Book for
Radio Receiving Equipments Navy Models RBB-3, RBB-4
and RBC-3, RBC-4, RCA, June 1, 1948, with errata
sheets 1 and 2. The front cover has fallen apart on
this one, some pages are dog-eared and have chips out
of them, some writing inside, one fold-out schematic
is taped. With large fold-outs and detailed photos.
$45 PPD

DX Periodical Collection: $20 PPD. This is an
unrelated group of DX and amateur radio newsletters
and magazines, as follows:
The DX Magazine, 1989 issues: 1 (Vol 1 #1), 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12
Radiosporting Magazine: 3/85, 9/85 12/85, 6/86, 1/87,
4/87, 6-7-8/87, 10-11/87, 5-6/88 (2 copies), and 1/89.
QRZ DX newsletter-this is an inch-thick stack dating
from 1992-2001 with many gaps.
59(9) DX Report-about a ½ inch thick stack dating from
DX Bulletin-2 June 1992 issues.
The Westlink Report-3 issues from 1985-86
The W5YI Report-2 issues from 1989.

The Cornell-Dubilier Twist-Prong Capacitor
Substitution Coss Index for Mallory, Aerovox, Pyramid,
Snagamo and Sprague, 1958. $1

RCA Ham Tips: Fall/1950, 11/52, 12/61, Winter-64/65,
12/68. $2/all

GE Ham News: 5-6/47, 7-8/49 (2 copies), 11-12/49,
11-12/50, 3-4/51, 3-4/52 ( 2 copies), 9-10/52 (2
copies), 5-6/53 (2 copies), 1-2/54, 5-6/58, and
11-12/61. $3/all

Log of ARS W3PAP from 1981 through 1993. $2

Allen Chapman, Radio Boys books. These are all in bad
condition with deteriorating covers and bad spines.
Repeating, these are in poor condition, though they
are all still readable. $12/all plus $7 US media
Radio Boys at the Sending Station (2 copies)
Radio Boys With The Forest Rangers
Radio Boys Under The Sea (J. W. Duffield)
Radio Boys Rescue The Lost Alaska Expedition (Gerald
Radio Boys Trailing A Voice
Radio Boys At Ocean Point

Cleveland Institute of Electronics, An Auto-Programmed
Course In Electronics, 1964-65. This is an up-scale
booklet-based home-study course in electronics with
the objective of receiving an FCC second-class
license. Coverage of RF RX and TX, power supplies,
basic electronics, using your slide rule to solve
electronics problems, etc. A total of 44 booklets.
$10/all plus $7 US media mailing.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don merz, N3RHT
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