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For Sale: Boatanchors, Test Gear and Miscellaneous

Hallicrafters SX-28A. Famous HF receiver with styling
thought by many to be the best looking BA receiver
ever made. This one has a really nice front panel with
some light knob wear. There are some scrapes on the
cabinet paint, but the cabinet still looks good and
has the correct aluminum trim on the sides. Band
change and tuning work as they should. The radio
lights up and does not smoke but is otherwise untested
and as-is. A nice addition to any collection. $395

E. F. Johnson Invader. Early EFJ sideband transmitter
with a great front panel. Cabinet has some paint
flaking but is in good shape. Band change and tuning
work as they should. But this is otherwise untested
and as-is. With original manual. Clean inside. $210

Heathkit HW-100 transceiver with HP-23B power supply
(the one with LV switchable--250/300). Cable from
supply to radio is home made. Belts are intact. Tunes
smoothly. Some case screws are missing. Good looking
with no visible mods. With manual copy. $120

Eico 667 Dynamic Conductance Tube Tester. Cabinet has
some rust spots. Inside, tester is nice looking. But
meter point is broken off and is just a stub. Missing
some case screws. With original manual. $15

Hallicrafters S-38B with all wrong knobs and cabinet
with light surface rust all over. But it has the back
cover and is electrically complete and original so
it's probably a good parts donor. Untested and as-is. 

Heathkit IT-12 Signal Tracer. Dirty with some paint
flaking but good front panel, complete with probe.
Needs new line cord. Untested and as-is. $15 plus
$8.50 flat rate box mailing with tracking.

Precision E-200C Signal Generator. Classic HF signal
generator from the late 40's. Looks very good but
leather handle that was on top has broken off and is
gone. With test leads and original book Servicing By
Signal Substitution which includes a complete manual
for this unit including the schematic. Untested and
as-is. $20

Homebrew PA amplifier. This uses push-pull 6L6 tubes
in the final and unmarked military transformers. Other
tubes are 2 6SC7 and 2 6SN7. The rectifier tube has
been replaced with some sort of solid state adaptor.
It has several mic inputs and several line inputs with
pots to control the level of each. The wiring is
pretty haywire point to point with connections hanging
in the air, etc. No cabinet--just a chassis with the
controls and connections on the apron. $39

Bogen-Presto 10W PA amplifier with one mic and one
phono input. Uses PP 6AQ5 tubes in the final. Other
tubes are 12AX7, 6AU6 and 6BW4. One of the 6AQ5's is
missing. Otherwise complete and in good cosmetic
condition with bottom cover and no cabinet (I don't
think there ever was one). Untested and as-is. $20

400 Cycle rotary inverter. This is a military unit
designed to generate 115V 400 CPS power at 2500VA from
150 amps of 27.5VDC. Made by Universal, the military
order or contract number is AF 33(600) - 16843. This
thing looks like a black motor about 10 inches in
diameter and 18 inches long. It has a 5 inch tall
metal box bolted on top that runs the full length and
width of the motor. This obviously contains the
electronics and has the connections IN and OUT at one
end. Mounting brackets on the bottom provide 4 spaced
mounting bolt holes for mounting on a flat surface. I
have not opened this up and I know nothing about this.
It's dirty but appears to be all original with no
obvious damage or problems. Untested. As-is. $99

Another military whatzit.the tag says "Tester:
Variable Capacitance, Capacitor Type Fuel Quantity
Gage, Field, Type 0-3 Specification MIL-T-591 Order
No. AF-33(600)19222 Stock No CAC-806555 Manufactured
By The Jackson Electrical Instrument Company Mfr's
Part No S-1095 Serial No 357 U. S. Property". This is
in a 12x12x16 black steel box with clasps and handle.
The lid opens to reveal a General-Radio-Looking set of
knobs and dials. It has the weirdest probe I've ever
seen that starts out as a 3-pin banana plug thing
(with a GR logo on it) and ends up in 2 long coax
cables with these complex BNC-style T adapters halfway
along each coax cable and finally ending in 2
alligator clips. Based on reading the calibration
chart in the lid, the variable dial has a range of
50-1100 mmf while the switchable side can add
1000-5000 mmf to the variable side. I didn't open this
up but I suppose there could just be one big variable
cap inside and some switchable caps. Anyway, yours for
parts or for measuring fuel quantity.. $10

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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