[AMRadio] Portage Ohio Hamfair Report

Don Merz don at thedjbrothers.com
Wed Aug 2 09:34:19 EDT 2006

Last Sunday was the Portage Hamfair in Randolph Ohio. This is over an hour
and a half drive for me and, while not the most distant hamfest I have ever
been to, it is also far enough that I don't go every year. The Portage
Hamfair is at the Portage Ohio County Fairgrounds which is a perfect
facility for a hamfest. It has ample indoor table space where you can drive
right up to your table to load and upload. The flea market space available
is well-arranged and close to the indoor tables so you don't end up walking
all day to cover the whole hamfest. The price of spaces and tickets is
reasonable--two spaces and two tickets totaled $22. I didn't have any of the
food but 2 years ago it was above average for hamfest food. Only about 50%
of the indoor tables sold but the flea market had a good turnout. The day
was sunny, hot and ridiculously humid. As a rough guess, I'd say there were
45-50 vendors and 250-350 attendees.

I brought more of my junk and sold another $150 or so worth of it. Sam
Hevener was there and bought some of my weird military bits and pieces. I
bought a Valiant with a parts rig for $200. I picked up 2 Hickok 209A VTVMs
in fair shape for $5 each--I'm going to make one good one out of the two for
my growing VTVM collection. I also got some small stuff--knobs, a box of
microphone parts and a Radio Handbook 19th edition (1972) that was one of
the editions I was missing.

Stuff I saw:

Johnson Ranger $165 sold
Hammarlund HQ-180 $150 sold
Hallicrafters S-40 unsold
National HRO-50 in rough shape with 1 coil: $225 unsold
National NC-57 sold didn't get price
Hallicrafters SX-100 sold didn't get price
Swan 250 with 117xc $125 sold
National NC-125 with speaker $115 sold
Heathkit SB-401/301 pair unsold didn't get price
Hunter Bandit amplifier $200 sold
Drake TR-4/MS-4/AC-4/DC-4/VFO $375 unsold
Drake TC-2, TC-6, SC-2 (or whatever that receive converter console is) $600
for the set unsold
Various Heathkit CW monobanders some sold some didn't--didn't get prices
Various Hallicrafters speakers $25-$50 each. Some sold, some didn't

There was lots of old Eico and off-brand test gear going begging. There was
the usual collection of Kenwood this and Icom that but I didn't bother
looking at them. One guy showed up with a lot of great old display tubes
including a huge magnetron but he wanted your first-born for them. Lots of
computers, tag makers, hat embroiderers, etc. I assume that that stuff sells
but I didn't see anybody carrying any of it off.

And that's the full report. It was a good hamfest and I'll try to go back
next year, GLWATCDR.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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