[AMRadio] Re: Finally Pictures of Delta ASM-1

KC4QLP at aol.com KC4QLP at aol.com
Wed Aug 2 18:40:16 EDT 2006

Correction to price....

$1000.00 Shipped Con-US :) Will also ship to Canada and Alaska(Extra
Shipping Required)

Yep...the Delta ASM-1...just as I remembered it. However I can't see any one 
ham op justifying 1 grand for a single frequency mod monitor for ham radio 
useage. One would have to change a crystal ,retune the monitor to the new 
frequency as this mod monitor is not a wide band catch all "receiver". It must be 
tuned to the desired frequency that is to be monitored. Calibrating this monitor 
and moving it at least to 1.8 to 2mhz won't be cheap either.

Maybe some up and coming AM station convering to stereo will buy it as it 
would be of more practical use in the broadcast service.

Rev, hope you find some AM broadcaster that will snag it up and convert over 
to higher fidelity analog transmissions. The MW BCB sure could use all the 
help it can get.

  Bob Carter - KC4QLP
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