[AMRadio] FS: Vintage Radio-Electronics Books and Literature

Don Merz don at thedjbrothers.com
Thu Aug 3 13:35:07 EDT 2006

For Sale: Radio Related Books and Literature. All prices plus $2.50 US Media

ARRL,	Operating An Amateur Radio Station, 56th ed., 1975. 50 cents plus $75
cents mailing.

ARRL Antenna Book, 1939, George Grammar, covers poor. $2

ARRL Learning to Work With Integrated Circuits, Jerry Hall, 1977. $5

ARRL Radio Amateur’s License Manual, 76th ed., 1977. $2

ARRL Weekend Projects for The Radio Amateur, 1979, Vol. 1. $8

Electronic Servicing Magazine, professional technician’s Guide To Stereo FM
servicing, 50 pages, large format paperback, 1972. $4

General Radio Experimenter, Vol 43, Nos 1&2, Jan/Feb, 1969. $1

Proceedings of the IRE, August, 1958. $2

Hickey and Villnes, Elements of Electronics, 3rd ed., McGraw-Hill hardback,
700 pages, lots of solid state but the “Typical Transmitter” chapter covers
a Heathkit tube-type amateur rig in detail. $5

Paul Carell, The Foxes of the Desert, the story of Rommel and the Afrika
Corps. Translated from the German so it takes a while to get used to the
Wehrmacht as the heroes and the British as “ the enemy”. E. P. Dutton, 1961,
hardback with dust jacket. $8

Electronics Engineering Manual, McGraw-Hill hardback, undated but must be
about 1940 because all the articles are from the 1930’s, 250+ pages. This is
a collection of the “best of Electronics Magazine” from the 1930’s. The
topics are varied and there must be over 50 articles reprinted here. The
quality of the articles is really excellent--schematics and detailed
construction notes are included where appropriate. Some examples: Direct
Disc Recording; Practical Design of an Electronic Piano; A Laboratory
Television Receiver; Voltage Regulators Using Magnetic Saturation; A Special
Events Transmitter (dynamotor-powered rig with 807 modulated by PP 6L6’s in
2 suitcases!); A Low Distortion Limiting Amplifier; Circuit Design Related
to Tube Performance (RCA); Circle Diagrams For Tube Circuits; A VT Voltmeter
for Coaxial Line Measurements. There’s much more and it’s all pretty
interesting. Very good or excellent condition. $10

Military TM 11-663 Electronic Power Supplies, 10/51, 100+ pages, large
format paperback. Includes good section on power supply control systems
incorporating tine delay relays. $8

The Effects of Atomic Weapons, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, J. Robert
Oppenheimer et al., paperback, 450 pages. Everything we learned from
Hiroshima, Nagasaki and out atmospheric testing at Bikini and elsewhere with
many photos. Stained cover. $9

Set of AT&T Bell System Practices books with material dated from 1918 to
1942. Thousands of pages in 5 Bell-binder bound volumes. Covers everything
and anything you can imagine: Tools, knots, how to guy a pole, how to erect
a pole, pole removal, aerial cables, pole insulators, underground cables,
block cables, house cables, carrier current loading equipment, constructing
catenaries, testing and fault location, testing manholes for gas, tree
pruning, and on and on and on. Nice condition. $20

Bill Orr W6SAI, Radio Handbook 17th edition, Editors and Engineers Hardback,
1969, 850 pages, good condition. One of the best. $13

Lothar Stern, Electronics Made Easy, Popular Mechanics Hardback with worn
dust jacket, 200 pages, 1956. Only a few radio projects. $5. Another copy
with no dust jacket. $4

Morgan and Lester, the Leica Manual, Morgan and Lester hardback, 400+ pages,
great pictures, 1951. Covers everything you can do with the Leica III series
cameras and all their accessories. This is a fun read and might make you
consider taking up yet another hobby--vintage photography. $15

Bill Orr, W6SAI, Beam Antenna Handbook, 5th ed., paperback, binding edge
coming apart at bottom. $3

Bernarr MacFadden, Strengthening Weak Nerves, 1922 paperback with torn and
loose covers and other problems, 15 pages, aerobic exercises and proper
breathing. Free.

Louis Garner, Pinpoint Transistor Troubles in 12 Minutes, Tab hardback, 475
pages, 1967. Shows how to use a great set of tube test equipment to test
transistor radio and audio devices. Provides detailed check down lists for
many problem symptoms by type of device. This book is actually better than
you would expect. $7

Ray Ryan, Basic Digital Electronics, Tab hardback, 200 pages, 1975.
Registers, counters, lamp displays, line drivers, etc. $4

Sony Directory of World Band Radio, 1981. Short wave listener’s
guide--probably came with a Sony short wave radio. Free.

GE Magnetic Materials Section, Trends and Developments for Electrical Design
Engineers, 1957, large format 12-page B&W brochure with slide rules on the
covers (I guess calculators weren't’t a trend in 1957). Covers Alnico
magnets, thermistors and varistors. $4

Tektronix 575 transistor curve tracer original manual, nice. $8

Flying Horse Amateur Radio Callbook, Summer, 1953, cover rough and almost
coming off. $10

Hallicrafters S-38 (no letter) Sams Photofact. $5

Hallicrafters S-55, S-56 Sams Photofact. $5

National NC-TV-10T Sams Photofact. $5

Motorola VT71 TV Sams Photofact. $5

Meissner 9-1053 AM-FM radio Sams Photofact. $5

Jewel 950 clock radio Sams Photofact. $1

RCA Victor CT-100 color TV Service Data book. Chassis CTC2, Mfr No 274,
March 1954, 40 pages, hole-punched. $10

RCA Victor Servicing Color TV Receivers, the 21CT660U Series 21-inch
receivers from 1955, 90 pages. $7

Cable TV Supply Company STR-2000 Frequency-Agile Television Processor
original manual troubleshooting addendum. Free.

Stanley Leinwoll, Shortwave Propagation, Rider paperback, 1959, 130 pages,

John Damm, ed., The Practical and technical Encyclopedia, Wise hardback,
1948, 650 pages. Don’t know what MEEHANITE is? Got a screwed-up WEIBEL
PROCESS? Need to do some CELESTIAL NAVIGATION? If so, then this rather
eclectic encyclopedia is for you. $4

Charles A Bliley, The Bliley Electric Company, The Early Years 1930-1955,
AWA reprint, 1982. $3

Radio Magazine Antenna Handbook, 1938, covers poor. $3

Telrex PL-77 condensed catalog, 1963. $1

Hosfelt 14th annual catalog. Free.

RCA Victor, 4 booklets on basic solid state & transistors, 1964. $2

KCS Electronics, 1983 catalog. Free.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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