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David McClafferty ve1adh at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 4 09:54:56 EDT 2006

We had a similar device at work we called the "wattsucker". I believe it used KT66s.
Dave, VE1ADH

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Don Merz writes: 


> I went through my files and found a photocopy of a very similar circuit
> using 6BG6 tubes in parallel. But I guess I'm not sure what tubes this one
> was intended to use--likely something that is expensive these days. I'd like
> to put this thing to it's intended use. But I don't want to put $100 worth
> of tubes into it. What are the options? Any ideas appreciated. 
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT 

How about a single 833A? Broadcast pulls should be available at not too much 
expense, triode, & same fil. voltage. Sounds like the filament transformer 
should be capable of 7A minimum. Check, because the 833A requires 10A, IIRC. 

Of course the 833A socket (if you can call it that) is hard to come by, but 
it wouldn't be too difficult to rig something. I'm afraid finding any tube 
(838, 203, 211, 845) that fit's you socket would be expensive, as you say. 

Just had another thought, though. Seems to me there are new 845s being made 
in China (or at least there were in the not-too-distant past). Don't know 
what they get for them, or if they're still on the market. 

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