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Here is something that I find very interesting on the topic of grounding.
Imagine a 1/4 wave 80m ground rod that goes 64' straight down, and
surrounded by a slurry mix of sodium bentonite. This is the same stuff used
in some brands of 'kitty litter' that expand in clumps when wet. The stuff
holds water, and is conductive. Here is the link below:



Being somewhat of a noephyte and fledgling subscriber to the AM Radio
Digest, i may be way off base or ignoring some of the pittfalls and dangers
involved with my proposal but what would be wrong with running a heavy
ground wire directly to an above or underground spring or aquafer?

 I realise that it would have to be done judiciously to obviate the
possibility of electrocuting those who have direct contact with the body of
water or homes which draw their water from it.

But, for those who live in rural areas removed from nearby neighbors would
it not be effective to run a ground wire into an active body of water which
has no direct connection with other homes or metal plumbing?

Can anyone point out the fallacy of my simplistic proposal. As a farmer, i
am out standing in my field ready to have the wrath of Thor descend upon me.

Pieter Gerlach, VE1PPG

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