[AMRadio] R-388

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Aug 7 22:03:00 EDT 2006

I apologize to those on more than one list for this repetition.

Before I dive into this R-388 head first I better find out if there is a 
problem or it's just an idiosyncrasy of the receiver.  On all band 
settings, .5kc thru 30mc,  the dial is very close to center turning the 
"Calibrate" only a little.  However, when I move to the right of center 
the calibration gets worse to he high side and the opposite happens when 
I go left of center.  It is more than just a tad.  If I go close to the 
edge of the dial (especially the high side) I am no longer able to move 
the "Calibrate" enough to line it up with the dial.  The receiver seems 
to be very sharp, hears great, everything functions properly and in 
general has no problems.  Since this is my first 388 I didn't know if 
this behavior is normal or if I have a problem I need to correct.  The 
dial and tuning mechanism seem to have very little if any slack and move 
very smoothly.  There is a little bump on each revolution I am guessing 
is normal.

I hope I have described this right.  Any ideas or advice?


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