[AMRadio] Collins 300J-2 Broadcast Transmitter

Larry WA9VRH wa9vrh at mtco.com
Tue Aug 8 20:04:25 EDT 2006

Hi Philip,

I have a scanned manual of the 300J however it is missing two pages of 
the schematic.  I also have a scanned manual of the 21E-21M which is 
the 5KW and 10KW version that uses the 300J as an exciter.

I believe the schematic in the 21E-21M manual will give you enough 
information to work on your 300J.  Please send me your address and I 
will burn a CD with the manuals on it. Please let me know if you find a 
complete schematic for the 300J. I would like to make mine complete.


Larry WA9VRH
Collins Collectors Association Archive Manager

On Tuesday, August 8, 2006, at 02:03  PM, Philip Leonard WVØT wrote:

> I rescued a 300J-2 this past weekend from a small station in Kansas. 
> The engineer only had a partial manual for it.  Does anyone happen to 
> have a copy?  I am missing part of chapter 6 (illustrations) and all 
> of chapter 7 (diagrams).  Chapter seven has the schematics.
> http://www.seidkr.com/gallery/Collins_300J2
> Thanks, Philip
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