[AMRadio] FS: Marconi, Preceptor, Tele-Dynamics, N-Connectors,

Don Merz don at thedjbrothers.com
Wed Aug 9 12:42:05 EDT 2006

For Sale: Boatanchor Test Gear and Miscellaneous

Preceptor Model K tube tester. Art-deco looking tube tester, black with
chrome trim, about 22 inches square and 15 inches high with a sloping deck
like a 1940’s automobile car hood. Some trim piece that went all around the
bottom is missing. The readout for test results is a matrix of about 24
pilot lamps, which presumably lit in some sequence that told you whether the
tube was bad or good. There was some sort of bezel over the lamp matrix at
one time but it is gone. Otherwise, this tester seems to be in nice
condition. But I have no documentation for it and therefore no way to
actually test a tube. No miniature sockets of course--just old 4-5-6-7-pin
and octal-base sockets. I’m guessing this is 1940-vintage? Weighs about 25
pounds. The sloping front panel is metal. But the cabinet is wood, painted
black. As-is. Might look good hanging on your wall--I’ve seen plenty of
 “art” that wasn’t anywhere near as interesting. Pictures available. $39

Small box of spare capacitors from the BC-348-J spares kit. The tag says
Wells Gardner File 832-CHI-42 so I assume that is the order number. I doubt
you would want to use these but you might like to have them as part of the
original BC-348-J spares accessory kit. Free for mailing cost.

Marconi TF1099 20Mc/s sweep generator. This is a rack mount unit 10.5 inches
high with a little door in the middle top area that contains the probes. The
manual says that this is a video frequency sweep generator for response
measurements with an accuracy of 0.01 db. Sweep output range is from 100kc/s
to 20 Mc/s so this does have some potential. It’s complete and appears to be
in nice shape. Typical superb Marconi quality. Untested and as-is. With
manual--a very good copy I think.  $59

Signal Corps U. S. Army Modem, Telephone AN/TCC-15 made by Federal
Telecommunications Labs (ITT) under order number DA 36 039 SC 15426. This is
a vertical “blade” type subassembly 10 inches high, 2 inches wide and 15
inches deep. The front panel has a 5-position rotary switch that selects  SL
SR  OPER  RR  RL --whatever that means. The only other panel adjustment is a
screwdriver pot for OUTPUT AUDIO GAIN. Two banana jacks on the front--one
say MOD and the other says DEM. The blade is a small chassis with 2 levels.
One level has a bunch of 6AL5 and 5670 tubes. The other has several
cap/resistor sub-assemblies. The whole thing is covered in nicotine and
needs a good cleaning. $10

3 modules from something military that go together: Each module has a 4x5
inch navy gray front panel with handles and jacks or meters or switches.

1- Tele-Dynamics Type 2202-A Demultiplexer with several packaged assemblies
on top that look like filters--each one has 3 subminiature wire-lead tubes
but I did not look to see which tubes they were. Dirty With some rust. $10

1 - Tele-Dynamics Type 3101-A Separator unit. This consists of 9 type 3121-A
Separator Modules. Each module has 3 wire-lead tubes in an IERC tube
shield--these are 6111 and 6112 duo-triodes made by Raytheon and Sylvania. 2
tubes are missing so there’s 25 tubes and shields. $20

1 - Tele-Dynamics Type 3001A Control unit with 9 type 3021-B control
modules, each containing 3 wire-lead  6111 or 6112 tubes. Some tubes are
missing so there’s 19 tubes in IERC shields on this unit. $20

TEC S-15 all-transistor stereo amplifier. Covered in nicotine and will need
cleaned off. As-is. $10


N-connector right angles. Male-to-male N connector right angles. Brand new
or like brand new. $1.25 each. 32 available.

N-connector Tee’s--UG-107. These have 2 female connectors back to back with
a male in the middle, forming a T. $1.50 each. Five available.

Twin-ax right-angles. These are male to female twin-ax right angles UG-104
type. Made by Amphenol. Silver-plated. $2 each. 12 available.

N-connector female barrels--back to back females. $2 each. 2 available.

N-connector male barrel--back to back males. Just one. $2

N- connectors. NOS, most in original packaging. Amphenol and other brands.
$1.25 each. 22 available.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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