[AMRadio] FS: Preceptor K Tube Tester

BSugarberg bsugarberg at core.com
Wed Aug 9 18:18:41 EDT 2006

Hi Don,

Please send pics of the Preceptor K tube tester.

Thank you,

Bruce WA8TNC
Don Merz wrote:
> For Sale: Boatanchor Test Gear and Miscellaneous
> Preceptor Model K tube tester. Art-deco looking tube tester, black with
> chrome trim, about 22 inches square and 15 inches high with a sloping deck
> like a 1940’s automobile car hood. Some trim piece that went all around the
> bottom is missing. The readout for test results is a matrix of about 24
> pilot lamps, which presumably lit in some sequence that told you whether the
> tube was bad or good. There was some sort of bezel over the lamp matrix at
> one time but it is gone. Otherwise, this tester seems to be in nice
> condition. But I have no documentation for it and therefore no way to
> actually test a tube. No miniature sockets of course--just old 4-5-6-7-pin
> and octal-base sockets. I’m guessing this is 1940-vintage? Weighs about 25
> pounds. The sloping front panel is metal. But the cabinet is wood, painted
> black. As-is. Might look good hanging on your wall--I’ve seen plenty of
>  “art” that wasn’t anywhere near as interesting. Pictures available. $39
> Thanks for looking.
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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