[AMRadio] FS: NOS Transformers and More Miscellany

Don Merz don at thedjbrothers.com
Fri Aug 11 11:15:44 EDT 2006

For Sale: NOS Transformers, Calibration Unit, Rotor direction indicator.
All prices plus shipping.

NOS 24VCT 5A transformers. 12-0-12. 117VAC, 60cps input. Modern transformers
made in Taiwan. 2.5 inches tall by 2.75 inches wide. Two mount holes are
3-11/16 apart. This is a currently shipping part from All Electronics as
their part number TX-245 at a price of $19.50. My price is $5 each. 10
available. Buy several and get your money's worth out of a postal flat rate

NOS 12.6V 25A transformers. 117VAC 60cps input. Modern transformers made in
Mexico.  4.25 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide. Four mount holes are 2.75 x
3 inches apart. This was a part from All Electronics sold as their part
number TX-12625, but it is no longer available from them. My price is $9
each. 5 available. Buy several and get your money's worth out of a postal
flat rate box.

NOSB 24VAC 35VA inline wall transformer. This has a line cord and an output
cord, so it's not actually a wall wart, though I am tempted to call it that.

Drexelbrook Engineering Co. Model 401-18-20 Portable Calibration System with
original manual, case and probes. The manual says that this was used for
calibrating components in an RF Level System. I guess these RF level systems
were used to measure the amount of liquid in large tanks or containers. This
thing is in a 14x10x8.5 vinyl leatherette case with a lid. The manual and
probes are in the lid. The unit has 3 sections. On the right is what looks
like a VTVM (and probably is some form of that) with a large analog meter
with custom scales and push buttons to select ranges. In the center is a
compartment with a screw-on lid that houses more probes. But the most
interesting component is on the left. It's the "Capacitance Calibration
Unit" which I believe is a precision variable capacitance, adjustable from 0
to 99900 pf in 1 pf increments through a vernier dial and a thumbwheel
switch. This unit has a dirty case with rusting latches and hardware. But
inside it is in excellent looking condition. Pressing the battery test
button shows that the meter is working, FWIW. As-is. $15. If you just want
the precision capacitance, that comes right out of the unit (it is in it's
own little enclosure) and would fit in a flat rate box.

Large selsyn antenna rotation direction indicator unit. This has a round
11.25 inch B&W great circle map of the world with a large red pointer coming
out of what would be NY/Chicago or other northeastern USA locale on the map.
So it looks like a large round clock face with only one hand. I'm sure there
was a glass dial cover on it at one time, but that is gone. The map is not
in perfect condition, but it is in good condition. The "clock face" is
mounted on an 11 inch square steel box that houses the selsyn motor behind
the pointer and a couple of switches. This steel box is rusty in spots.
There is no back cover. So this would be a project. But it is a pretty cool
thing and would be worth the effort. $10

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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