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Fri Aug 11 20:06:18 EDT 2006

Hi Don,

Did you get my previous EMAIL about the Bird 43
N-Type connector you listed?  I sent it to your
personal EMAIL address, so hopefully it got
through.  Anyway, I 'll take the N-Type connector
if it is still available.



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> For Sale: NOS Transformers, Calibration Unit,
Rotor direction indicator.
> All prices plus shipping.
> NOS 24VCT 5A transformers. 12-0-12. 117VAC,
60cps input. Modern transformers
> made in Taiwan. 2.5 inches tall by 2.75 inches
wide. Two mount holes are
> 3-11/16 apart. This is a currently shipping part
from All Electronics as
> their part number TX-245 at a price of $19.50.
My price is $5 each. 10
> available. Buy several and get your money's
worth out of a postal flat rate
> box.
> NOS 12.6V 25A transformers. 117VAC 60cps input.
Modern transformers made in
> Mexico.  4.25 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide.
Four mount holes are 2.75 x
> 3 inches apart. This was a part from All
Electronics sold as their part
> number TX-12625, but it is no longer available
from them. My price is $9
> each. 5 available. Buy several and get your
money's worth out of a postal
> flat rate box.
> NOSB 24VAC 35VA inline wall transformer. This
has a line cord and an output
> cord, so it's not actually a wall wart, though I
am tempted to call it that.
> $3
> Drexelbrook Engineering Co. Model 401-18-20
Portable Calibration System with
> original manual, case and probes. The manual
says that this was used for
> calibrating components in an RF Level System. I
guess these RF level systems
> were used to measure the amount of liquid in
large tanks or containers. This
> thing is in a 14x10x8.5 vinyl leatherette case
with a lid. The manual and
> probes are in the lid. The unit has 3 sections.
On the right is what looks
> like a VTVM (and probably is some form of that)
with a large analog meter
> with custom scales and push buttons to select
ranges. In the center is a
> compartment with a screw-on lid that houses more
probes. But the most
> interesting component is on the left. It's the
"Capacitance Calibration
> Unit" which I believe is a precision variable
capacitance, adjustable from 0
> to 99900 pf in 1 pf increments through a vernier
dial and a thumbwheel
> switch. This unit has a dirty case with rusting
latches and hardware. But
> inside it is in excellent looking condition.
Pressing the battery test
> button shows that the meter is working, FWIW.
As-is. $15. If you just want
> the precision capacitance, that comes right out
of the unit (it is in it's
> own little enclosure) and would fit in a flat
rate box.
> Large selsyn antenna rotation direction
indicator unit. This has a round
> 11.25 inch B&W great circle map of the world
with a large red pointer coming
> out of what would be NY/Chicago or other
northeastern USA locale on the map.
> So it looks like a large round clock face with
only one hand. I'm sure there
> was a glass dial cover on it at one time, but
that is gone. The map is not
> in perfect condition, but it is in good
condition. The "clock face" is
> mounted on an 11 inch square steel box that
houses the selsyn motor behind
> the pointer and a couple of switches. This steel
box is rusty in spots.
> There is no back cover. So this would be a
project. But it is a pretty cool
> thing and would be worth the effort. $10
> Thanks for looking.
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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