Spam:****, [AMRadio] FS: NOS Transformers and More Miscellany

Edward B Richards zuu6k at
Sat Aug 12 10:57:16 EDT 2006

Paul et al;

I am shortly going to have a bunch of tubes for sale. I would very much
like to post them on this reflector.

I think it would help if when you hit the REPLY TO SENDER, it went to the
person being replied to, not the reflector.  Thank you. I get a lot of
info from this reflector.

73, Ed Richards K6UUZ
Simi Valley, Ca 93065
Home of the Air Force 1 pavilion

On Sat, 12 Aug 2006 04:21:46 -0500 "Radio Station W5AMI"
<ars.w5ami at> writes:
> Geoff and others,
> I will make a decision, hopefully this weekend, on the fate of for
> sale ads on the list.  I really would hate to ban them, however the
> rules that have been posted over and over, and seem to be getting
> pushed aside as if they don't matter.  The archives do not need to 
> be
> cluttered with "I'll take this or that", not to mention the 
> re-quoting
> of the entire for sale list in a secondary post.
> How many times has this subject been covered now??
> Paul/VJB, any ideas on this?
> w5ami

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