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Don Merz said:
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 I would like to  remain a member and just won't post FS notices here. That
being said, I should also say that I won't be posting to AMfone either.

Reply from Jim, WD5JKO:
As I said yesterday in my post, "Given the choice I'd rather put up with the
extra traffic than lose the sales listings

If we lose Don, Brian, and others that sell items to us on this group, the
loss will be significant, and permanent. How unfortunate that would be. I
did offer an alternative yesterday that Brian did seem to endorse. I am
repasting it here:

Paul said:
Paul/VJB, any ideas on this?

Jim WD5JKO reply:
Paul, maybe the sellers can upload the for sale lists on the web, and then
announce the stuff on our AM Reflector with a link. The link takes you to
the for sale items and a hyperlinked email address of the seller. This makes
correspondence quick, easy, and keeps the back & forth traffic, and long
lists off the reflector. This does however add a little work to the seller,
but also gives them the option to include pictures, and that alone might pay
off with quicker sales.

An AM Reflector FS add might go like this:

>Subject: Gear for Sale


Tnx for looking,


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