[AMRadio] Re: Rules, For Sale Replies etc.

Radio Station W5AMI ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 03:43:06 EDT 2006

Hi Don,

Don't give up just yet.  I'll figure out something that will work well
for all involved, I hope.

I do wish you would reconsider posting your items to the amfone.net
for sale forum however.  I just think there is too much duplication of
effort on the web.  Too many places to look for the same stuff.
Amfone.net is a good place to go for all sorts of AM related topics,
and certainly an alternative to the email list.  I trust the people
there, and the members are screened by Jay.  You might remember that I
am the original founder of amfone.net many years back and turned it
over to W2INR/Gary in about 2001 when things came up for me where I
couldn't do it anymore.

I too enjoy seeing your items as much as anyone else here.  We just
need to figure out a better way to keep the "re-posting" back the list
to a bare minimum.  I think part of the problem IS the delete key that
several say to use if you don't have interest in reading a particular
post.  It's possible that when I have posted my "PLEASE READ" messages
about the rules of the email list, they get deleted by some who don't
care to read them....

I will keep thinking on this, and hopefully come to some reasonable
solution that will not hurt any feelings, at least not much...

73 - brian

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