[AMRadio] where to post For Sales

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 13 10:13:07 EDT 2006

I appreciate it when there's a list of For Sale items
circulated, with prices, on this reflector. I have
said that I agree with those who dislike REPLIES to
those postings when they also include the lengthy list
already seen. It is clutter and it is not necessary. 

It puzzles me when people feel they have economized on
their time and effort by circulating such lists to
multiple reflectors and sites.  I happen to be a
principal in amfone.net, having put our Brian/W5AMI
and Gary/W2INR together for a succession a few years

Don posted a point here that he is limited to "2 kinds
of online sales: mailing lists and eBay. Selling on
the mailing lists is easier."

I would like to understand why it is easier to sell
via the mailing lists, Don.  

If a seller wishes to target a specific audience, and
have those wares persist at a location that can be
seen for a prolonged period of time, then a "For Sale"
section on a popular website apepars to provide a
better venue.

Not only can a customer come back to the list of items
more easily, but the seller can update what's been
sold for all to see instead of having to reply for the
next while to a variety of direct emails still

amfone.net's postings can be edited or revised, and
buyers can post questions and negotiate deals on site
or privately. Pictures can be posted, and it just
seems to be a more comprehensive way to do business
for about the same amount of effort.



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