[AMRadio] where to post For Sales

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Aug 13 11:04:56 EDT 2006

> Don posted a point here that he is limited to "2 kinds
> of online sales: mailing lists and eBay. Selling on
> the mailing lists is easier."
> I would like to understand why it is easier to sell
> via the mailing lists, Don.
> Paul/VJB

Paul if you wonder about this, just purchase something from Radio Mart and 
depend on his description to be accurate.  He and his ilk have turned me 
from Ebay entirely.  I will not buy there.  Not only that, but some of the 
buyers are just plain crazy.  One can do nothing to please them.  I do not 
wish to take those chances for the small increase in prices equipment may 

Conversly, Don't postings however are accurate and I know I can trust his 
descriptions as well as his prices are much better.  I have bought a couple 
of items from Don that he posted here.

I am rehashing a bit, but I think it would  make things easirer to have the 
reply button go to the originator of a message only and the Reply All button 
to the originator and the list collectively?  Most of us use the Reply 
button almost exclusively.  In its current configuration, using the Reply 
button goes to the list, and Reply All goes to the list two times.  So to 
reply to the sender only, I must copy and paste the email address manually 
to the line.

Would this help solve some of the trouble?

73  Jim

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