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Sun Aug 13 12:10:51 EDT 2006

My comments were certainly not meant as a personal affront to you or anyone Brian.  I apologize if that is the way you interpreted my remarks.  It seems to me that these discussions and complaints about the conduct or posting practices of certain individuals should be taken "off-line" and privately conducted with the offending individuals.  The tone of many of the responses that were directed to me personally as a result of my plea for toning down of the discussion were condescending and unnecessary.  I am not a very frequent poster, but I enjoy reading items that are of common interest to the AM fraternity.  

I do appreciate your efforts, but I think that all of the clutter created by this and previous threads concerning sales postings and misguided responses to them has made several of us very weary, to say the least.   What we have observed is "piling on" at its worst.  However, I can (and should) follow my own advice and hit the delete key when needed.

I will now go back to my low profile stance and continue to enjoy my hobby without unwelcomed controversy and receipt of personal injury or abashment from "friendly fire".

73,  Jack, W9GT

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> Hi Jack, 
> I appreciate your feedback, however these rules have been put in place 
> for a reason, and need to be followed as they would be on any email 
> list. To just say "lighten up" to the admin or those who are trying 
> to keep the rules in place is certainly no solution over time. 
> Anarchy can be a bad thing, particularly on an email list. I've seen 
> these lists go like that when the admin or moderators lose interest or 
> pass away, and suddenly all goes to hell. I've stayed with it even 
> when I was off the air for 5 years from 2001 until now. 
> If I remember, you have been a member of this list for likely 10 
> years. You know we have had polls, etc., about the "very few" rules 
> we have here. I do expect those "very few" rules to be followed and 
> do not expect people to tell me to lighten up when I remind them about 
> them. Go to some of the other lists we know so well and tell the 
> admin to "lighten up" ! See what happens. 
> As I've said many times in the last 10 years, I have NEVER banned 
> anyone from this list, and hope I never have to. That is simply not 
> my way of taking care of a problem unless it continues, and I have 
> grown very tired of this particular rule being ignored. I should be 
> given a bit more credit for my dedication to keeping us a "family", 
> and not have someone tell me to "lighten up" publicly on the list for 
> trying to keep the rules en tact. To you, it might mean hitting the 
> delete button, but for the 400+ members of this list and the extra BW 
> on the web, it means a lot more to me. 
> In closing; many years ago, and you should remember this Jack; most of 
> the founding members of this list agreed that for sale items were 
> perfectly fine, however we all agreed that any negotiating or replies 
> to items someone wanted to buy would be made OFF LIST. 
> This list is free to all the members, storage and bandwidth of said 
> replies above simply add costs to those who financially support the 
> server, which I am one. 
> Kindly yours, 
> Brian - w5ami 
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