[AMRadio] Re: estate sale

Edward B Richards zuu6k at juno.com
Sun Aug 13 18:32:34 EDT 2006

Hi Dennis;

Long time, no see. I didn't make it up to SLO this year. How was it?

Dennis, I got some stuff from an estate sale that included 4 each
TRANSMITTER TUNING UNITS. Made by GE for the army in a 1941 contract.
They are 16-3/4" wide X 7-5/8" high X 7-1/2" deep.  Black crackle finish.
One is in a metal housing. I have no idea what transmitter they go with.
The numbers are:

1. TU-9-B, Freq 7700 kc-10000 kc, s/n A9089
2. TU-10-B, Freq 10000 kc-125000 kc, s/n 37035
3. TU-5-B, Freq 1500 kc-3000 kc, s/n 68
4. TU-5-B, Freq 1500 kc- 3000 kc, s/n 60607

Should I spend the time cleaning them up for sale or just toss them into
a dumpster?

I also will be posting some tubes for sale soon. Some appear to be new.
Types such as 808, 249B,304TL/TH, 250TH, 813, 4D32, 810, 304TH, 866,
872A, and more. Any market for these?

Thanks for your advice, Dennis.

73, Ed Richards K6UUZ
Simi Valley, Ca 93065
Home of the Air Force 1 pavilion

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