[AMRadio] For Sale / Wanted

Radio Station W5AMI ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 09:41:52 EDT 2006

1) For Sale ads WILL be permitted on the AMRadio Reflector as they
always have been so long as the ads are not for the purpose of
promoting a business in general such as "Buy cheap from Fred's
Discount BC-610 Warehouse", and the like.

2) When buying an item from a seller.  Please be careful to reply to
the seller ONLY if at all possible.  Sellers should list their direct
email address at the TOP of their list of items for sale so that the
buyer can simply click on their email to reply.  If a mistake is made
and someone does reply back to the list,  I will handle it off-list if
it seems to be a repeat occurrence.

3) DO NOT flame, criticise, or critique ANY members post or ideas, on
this list in public.  This goes for admins and moderators as well.
Any "calling on the carpet" will be done privately off the list, and
should be done in a respectful manner, otherwise let the admin deal
with it.

3) See number 2 again...

4) This subject should now be closed for discussion.

Thanks and enjoy!

Brian / w5ami

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