[AMRadio] G-50

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Tue Aug 15 21:33:02 EDT 2006

   BAMA Working here, using Firefox - I've downloaded the Gonset 50 files 
to my machine, if you experience a continued Lack of Joy in your efforts, 
email me privately and I'll send them to you....


    ObAMradio: Got my Valiant working again - the caps I used in the output 
network circuit had #24 gauge lead wires - instead of twisting the leads 
and using three (there are three caps paralelled) like the Johnson 
engineers did, I tied them together at the cases and ran only lead - and 
it melted like a fuse.   This went unnoticed, save that the rig tuning 
went radically wonky - so instead of investigating I chalked it up to 
summer / dry ground under my antenna - the ensuing strain then degraded 
and eventually killed a $28 mica that I had in the tank circuit.... 

   So yesterday I had a few blessed hours to myself, and I corrected these 
faults, wired up a better PTT/Audio chain, the Rig now stable at full 
output, the antenna system back to 1.2:1 on 80M, and I'll get back on the 
air this evening, or tomorrow night....  ;}


John  KB6SCO
Valiant, Ranger, ELMAC AF-67
R-390, R-390A, R-388

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