[AMRadio] Packaging Radio Gear

Pieter Gerlach Pieter at FreeToBe.de
Wed Aug 16 06:02:34 EDT 2006

In response to some of the good ideas on how to and what to use to pack valuable pieces of equipment i want to relate my latest experiemce. It doesn't really matter what is used for packing if someone decides to open things up in the dying days of the "War on Drugs." I purchased A Viking Valiant from a fellow in Colombia who cardboard boxed with styrofoam and then wooden crated the old warrior. Presuming it was filled with cocaine or some other illegal substance either Colombian or Canadian Customs felt it had to be "stripped searched." When it arrived here at my home in Canada the wooden crate was shattered, the cardboard and styrofoam sheets were scattered and every nut, bolt, screw and every other fastener had been removed and not replaced and a few strips of tape were wrapped around the radio to hold things together. I took photos and refused to take possession and am now in the process of filing claims...probably for the next year and a half. I don't know if there is a message in this other than don't purchase radios from countries that bureaucrats and officialdom hold suspect for whatever reason. I still appreciate all the ideas some of the other subscribers have contributed.

Pieter Gerlach VE1PPG

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