[AMRadio] Legal-Limit tuner advice....?

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Thu Aug 17 14:35:40 EDT 2006

   Soon I'll want an antenna tuner that can handle full-legal-limit AM from 
an unbalanced output into a balanced-feedline, balanced loop HF antenna.

  There's the Ameritron ATR-30 (I have a 15 currently) - but I thought I'd 
ask the Great Convened Masters if anyone had any experiences pro or con 
with the various Tuners extant, new or easily available used.

   I am going to build one eventually that will automatically tune my 
fence-loop at the feedpoint of the antenna over the complete range of 
impedances that will be seen at that point - probably use coax or hardline 
for the transmission line from the Transmitter - but until then, I'll be 
looking for something that can handle, say 500 watts continuous at 100% 
duty cycle.

   My current set-up is: Johnson Valiant unbal out into Ameritron ATR-15, 
balanced out into 450-ohm ladder-line to the feedpoint of a loop, approx 
450' circumference, around my back fence at a height of roughly 6 feet 
AGL.  And it tunes 1.1:1 on the AM Windows of 80 M...  so the Concept is 
working, at least....    A bigger transmitter is, however, on the 
horizon.   ;}

   Thanks in advance...


John  KB6SCO

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