[AMRadio] Legal-Limit tuner advice....?

crawfish crawfish at surfmore.net
Thu Aug 17 23:21:21 EDT 2006

I think the idea was to have a tuner that will work with unbalanced as well
as balanced lines. The Matchbox is balanced only. I used one with a 283 foot
loop about 75 feet high on Field Day 1974. That dog would hunt!!However, the
Palstar seems to be the choice now. When I posted, I didn't realize that the
user was using coax.I borrowed a Dentron Super Tuner once. That thing would
tune anything, too!!
                                                           Joe W4AAB

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> Joe W4AAB said;
> Wouldn't the old Johnson kW Matchbox work OK?
>    Reply From Jim WD5JKO, My experience with a FW 80M loop at 18' high is
> that at resonance it looks like about 80 ohms resistive. My Viking 275
> Matchbox cannot match to that low of an impedance on 80M. If the loop were
> not resonant, and you played with the feeder length along with the antenna
> length, then the Johnson Matchbox might tune it in. In my case 75 ohm coax
> with a sleeve bead balun would be the ideal feeder. Instead I use 50 ohm
> coax and a home made unbalanced tuner in the shack, and a 1:1 current
> outside feeding 400 ohm open wire line to the FW loop. Works.
> Jim
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