[AMRadio] Thanks for Tuner Advice!

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Aug 18 10:13:51 EDT 2006

   The majority of folks seem to like the Palstar products an awful lot.... 
and there were a few Ten-Tec plugs, too.

   I think I'll end up with the 2 or 3 KW model of one or the other - just 
have to do some more investigating - I'm mostly concerned with the ability 
to handle continuous power into a widely-varying antenna impedance.

   And as I said, eventually I'll put together an automatically-controlled 
unit that will tune the feedpoint of the antenna and still present a 
fairly constant impedance to the feedline... and be able to pass a 'real' 
kilowatt in the process.  I've got the big roller inductors for that, 
finding capacitors is next, then the sensors, stepper motors, and 
controls, etc....  just no time right now for such a project.

   Thanks again to all who gave their opinions and advice!


John  KB6SCO

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