[AMRadio] Tools

Grant Youngman nq5t at comcast.net
Mon Aug 21 01:47:20 EDT 2006

> changing the endpoint tuning.  Some have said just leave it 
> loose, but I am  a little leery.  

It's probably been 5-6 years since I've worked on one.  Except for a set of
GD twins, I finally sold off all of my St. James gear.  I seem to remember
being able to get it snug (not tight, just snug).  I'd have to open another
one up to refresh my memory on that, though.  It would take a pretty hefty
hit on the radio to cause the coil slug to move in any case.

You might try giving Howard Mills (W3HM) a call and see if he can make a
recommendation.  His contact info is on the CCA website.  If anyone would
know, he would, as the resident guru on all things St. James Grey.


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