[AMRadio] Enough Already!

Radio Station W5AMI ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 13:27:45 EDT 2006

I am growing VERY tired of all this bickering back and forth ON THE
LIST, as I'm very certain most the people on this list are too.  We
are all going to make mistakes from time to time, and when you have
400+ members on an email list, it's likely to happen more often than
we would like.  That's what happens when that many people get together
and try to have a little fun... Someone if going to screw up once in a
while, and we, as a whole should expect it, and just learn to live
with it.

My thought process on this matter is now on the fence, and I look at
it both ways, but it is not important enough to see the AM Reflector
get dissolved over it.  If things REALLY get out of hand, I will
resort to something else, but right now, I want to sit back and see if
the list will get back to normal.

We have a good group of people on this list, and have for many years
(10 or so).  I don't want the list to go down the tubes for simple
crap like this.

Geoff, please pass any postings such as this by me before submitting.
As I mentioned weekend before last in a post; I do not want anyone to
call (even without mentioning names) anyone on the carpet with a
public post to this list.  If we have a repeating offender, I will
handle it OFF LIST.  Rules of the list may be posted from time to
time, but ONLY by me, and that is final.

Again, my main issue is with people responding to postings that should
be private in nature, and that includes someone wanting to buy an item
someone has posted for sale.  I can see no reason why anyone else
could care less who buys what.  However, I will say it again; we ALL
make mistakes from time to time and I accept that when I consider the
number of members we have.  Stuff happens...  I will handle the Stuff.

If anyone has any problems with the way I run this list, or the way
things go in general here, email me directly and do not post them

Now, with all that said, can we please get back to being friends and
fellow AM'ers??  We are turning against each other with this sort of
thing, and that's the last thing we need to do in our little niche of
the hobby, on or off the air.


Brian / w5ami

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