[AMRadio] R-388

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Wed Aug 23 00:56:22 EDT 2006

On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Rick Brashear wrote:

> One last thing... what have I put back wrong or what did I leave out to make 
> the "zero" control move the dial left or right a tad when I use it?  I've

   There is a small flanged 'pulley' that engages the brass sector, to 
which the Kilocycles fiducial is attached.  This flanged pulley mounts on 
the 'zero' shaft.  You prolly forgot to remove one of the limit-screws for 
the sector, and re-engage the edge of the sector between the pulley 

  Been there; done that: got to R+R my 388 panel twice....  ;}    actually 
with some finesse you should be able to do this w/out taking the panel 
back off - I don't remember completely, but it seems that one or the other 
of the limit screws, when unscrewed, will allow the fiducial sector to 
swing out of the way and still clear all the behind-the-panel Stuff.  You 
will have to remove the escutcheon to get at the limit screws, IIRC.


John  KB6SCO

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