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Let's see what the other offers are on the transformer.

By the way, when I used a wooden rack years ago for my 390-A.  I bolted a
2x4 on the inside of the rack on both sides and that gave me about 1 inch
of support on each side of the radio.  If you do this, use bolts long
enough to go thru the sides of the rack and the 2x4. Good luck

73, Bob,W4WSZ
AM'ing for over 50 years

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> From: Rick Brashear <rickbras at airmail.net>
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> Date: 8/24/2006 8:57:08 PM
> Subject: [AMRadio] Rack Mounting
> I am in need of advice and/or opinions.  Has anyone had experience 
> mounting a R-390 and R-388 in a wood rack like is used in  recording 
> studios?  It does not have slides along the sides to help distribute the 
> weight.  I've had large audio amps in this type rack with no problem, 
> but I don't think any of them weighed as much as the 388 and for sure 
> not the 390.
> Thanks for any help or advice...
> Rick
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