[AMRadio] 6L6 "Water Cooled"

Jim candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Fri Aug 25 11:48:13 EDT 2006

>Now let's get the liquid nitrogen ports built on the 4CX1000's :-). Cool
>them puppies down!!
                                               Joe W4AAB

>> I knew I was on to something .....in 1951 I ran a single 6L6 osc mounted
>> upside down in a mason jar full of water.
>> Surprising how much you get out of a single 6L6.........and yes, the
>> got hot.
>> Thanks for the memories
>> 73,
>> Bob,W4WSZ
>> AM'ing over 50+ years
>> RWM
>> ru4fsu at earthlink.net
>> EarthLink Revolves Around You.

Reply from Jim, WD5JKO:

Back in 1985 Ozonna Bob, W5PYT gave me a bag of 3cx100A5's (improved 2C39).
These were hi-mu UHF light house triodes with a 100 watt plate dissipation.
At the same time I was running 80M AM mobile with a Yaesu FT-757 at 25
watts. I was really in need of an amplifier, and my goal was 200 watts AM
(carrier output) with 800-1000 watts PEP available. I came across some GE
dynamotors that took 14v @46 amps, and made 515v @ 215ma and 1030v @ 260 ma
at the same time. OK, so here is my B+ supply using 515 for 'TUNE' and 1030
for 'OPERATE'. Then I started working with a single 3cx100a5 with water

I never got past the tube in a Tupperware full of water, but the DC
conditions were right, and the cooling worked well. Then two things
happened: My 12v supply broke, and I started courting the damsel I later
married and who has been my XYL for over 20 years.

I never got back to that project. I do however still believe my goals for
the 80 M mobile set up would have worked, and provided one stout AM mobile

I still have those dynamotors (2), NOS. Free to anyone that wants to pick
them up in Round Rock, Texas..


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