[AMRadio] DX 60 Circuit breaker

Alan Beck abeck at xplornet.com
Sat Aug 26 07:48:46 EDT 2006


Please do not attempt anything on my account, if you are sick, you are 
sick. I am sure someone else will respond in kind.

The rig does work when I "hot wire" it to the blacks, however there is 
another cable involved. I forgot this. It is a phasing thing.

You are in my prayers and please do not move for my account.

I am in need of getting this going just off a power bar because I don't 
have the money to buy the parts for the relay upgrade.

Wish I did though.



Brian Carling wrote:
> I think you willl find it under the chassis.
> Right now I am too sick to take the cover off my DX60, 
> recovering from surgery and still bleeding.
> I can probably check on Monday if no one else has an answer 
> for you. It is possible that you have a shorted P.S. capacitor or 
> maybe a bypass capacitor.
>> The schematic for my DX 60 shows a circuit breaker on the upper side of 
>> the return side for the power transformer.
>> BTW, I had something flicker on me, and the rig died. I hard wired the 
>> power and decided to try to run it off of a power bar. Works just fine, 
>> but no output to my antenna relay.
>> I disconnected two black wires at the power supply because they would 
>> short out main switch I suppose this is the reason I don't have an 
>> antenna relay.
>> So, where is the DX-60 circuit breaker. Any yes, I did check the fuses 
>> at the power plug.
>> 73,
>> VY2WU
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