[AMRadio] Looking for Documentation on Gross Transmitter

Freeberg, Scott (STP) Scott.Freeberg at guidant.com
Mon Aug 28 12:49:31 EDT 2006

Last week I drove 1600 miles round trip to pick up a 1934 Gross
CP-100 transmitter in stunning condition.  Alas there was no
documentation with it.  Does any one here have any CP-100 info
or leads on info?  A couple of my Gross Friends, hee hee hee, are
looking for Gross info as well, specifically the AM modulator
for the CB-55.

When I picked up the CP100, they slid a box at me and said here
are the coils for it.  Hmmmm, don't think a box of BC-610
coils are going to work in the '34 Gross :)  

The CP-100 appears complete except for the antenna link.  The PA
coil has no antenna link, and the open wire feeder insulators on
top of the cabinet are not connected to anything.

Thanks. 73, Scott WA9WFA

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