[AMRadio] Diversion

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Aug 28 17:23:27 EDT 2006

I took time-out from the R-3** and BTA-1R2 and BC-610 and so on to get 
the G-50 I bought a while back in operation.  After stuffing the  filter 
capacitors and replacing a couple of capacitors in the cathode circuit 
of the speech amp/preamp combo the G-50 came to life.  However, I find 
now that the variable capacitor on the receive VFO is having turning 
problems.  It's one of those geared internally capacitors with one shaft 
inside another one.  I guess the friction clutch or whatever makes those 
things tick is worn out or maybe oily.  Does anyone have a solution for 
such a problem, other than replacing it?


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