[AMRadio] G-50 revisited

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Tue Aug 29 22:38:22 EDT 2006

Wow... My eyes are worse than I thought!  The parts list is below the 
schematic, like you said, in a very small font, but I can't locate a 
voltage chart any where on there.  I'll get out my BIG magnifier!  Man, 
this gettin' old stuff is for the birds!  :-)

I sure would appreciate a copy of those charts if you happen to have 
them scanned.  If not, I will gladly pay for a snail mailed copy.


Peter Markavage wrote:

>The parts list and the voltage chart are located below the schematic on
>the same sheet. Unfortunately the parts list font is about size 3....

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