[AMRadio] Fraud on E-bay

W7CE w7ce at curtiss.net
Thu Aug 31 10:16:10 EDT 2006

As others have already said, he may just be lazy and grabbed your pics to 
save time.  However, I would never buy from someone on eBay who has a 95.9% 
rating (4.1% of his transactions have negative feedback) and has hidden the 
feedback.  There must be a reason he doesn't want you to read it. Since he 
doesn't accept Paypal you have no recourse if he cheats you.  I will only 
send a money order to someone with a lot of feedback and a 100% positive 
feedback rating.

Clay  W7CE

> Jim WB2FCN here. To advise you folks that the E-pay
> site, has an HT-32 transmitter listed by seller hamstuff4u.
> This is a bogus listing, as 1st, the pictures are of "MY"
> HT-32A, which is currently sitting in my storage unit.
> This seller has lifted my description from my web pages
> along with the pictures and is offering the unit for sale for
> a Buy-It-Now price of $210.00.
> I will make an attempt to have E-bay remove this listing.
> Item number is  270023123317 .
> Beware of frauds.

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