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Thu Aug 31 12:18:18 EDT 2006

I turned a guy in the other day  to QTH for using a call I knew was
inactive. The guy gave his name and telephone number but it didn't match the
call, who was last active on VHF in the 1960's.QTH kicked him off.If the guy
had just used his name, with a phone number and said NONE for a call, I
could live with that. But to use a call that is inactive is stupid. I DO
research things before I buy from anybody.I think it is society in general
that puts up with this kind of stuff. We amateurs have to hold ourselves to
a higher standard.
                                                        Joe W4AAB
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> There seem to be more and more of these people coming out of the
> woodwork, trying ot prey on unsuspecting Amateur Radio operators.  They
> seem to think if they offer a unit associated with Ham Radio and suggest
> they too are in the hobby it will make people trust them more.  Maybe
> this guy is just lazy or maybe he is a crook.  Either way, I have a hard
> time putting my confidence in someone who hides their feedback.  It's
> not the dollar amount, I hate to be taken for even a penny by a crook.
> It pays to be aware, not to judge too quickly, but be cautious.
> Rick/K5IZ
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