[AMRadio] Nice AM 80M QSO this evening

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Dec 1 00:37:52 EST 2006

20:45 to 21:15 local (PST)  on 3870 - - spoke with Mike KO6NM and Steve 
KE7RR in Tucson - tho Steve was not good copy most of the evening here in 
Carson City, due mainly to QRM and some fairly sharp QSB.

   I recorded most of it  - I'd like to again exhort anyone with any kind 
of recording device to 'let it ride along' and record the audio from your 
reciever - I and several others are compiling on-going libraries of AM 
Audio from the past and present.   If several folks in different parts of 
the country record the same QSO, then we have a marvellously instructive 
'wide-area space diversity' system if the recordings are subsequently 
recorded in a multi-track fashion next to each other, then 'blended' and 
played back at the same time.

   And, here at KB6SCO, my available output power is set to increase by 
nearly 9dB...   more on that subject in a later broadcast, as they say.



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