[AMRadio] Fire in the Wire

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Dec 1 13:14:49 EST 2006

Thanks entirely to the strenuous efforts of Mike KO6NM and a non-ham 
friend of his, I am shortly to take delivery of a (pretty nice, I'm told) 
RCA BTA-1MX broadcast transmitter.... this is the early 50s single-cabinet 
1KW rig with the lateral-sliding front door - a pair of 833s modulated by 
another pair - and a brace of 807's handling the driver and oscillator 
duties.  I'm also told that, sometime in it's life, the original RCA power 
tranny woofed it's cookies, so that was replaced with one of those 
low-class, awful Peter Dahl jobs.

   But I decided to go ahead and take the rig, regardless.

   Now - gotta do a 1000-mile round-trip (Carson City -> Los Angeles -> 
Carson City) and fetch it back up here.

    And, I'll document the Progress as it goes - I have a nascent website 
just for my boatanchor stuff - time to dust it off and get it active.



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