[AMRadio] Vacuum or electronic relay

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Fri Dec 1 14:08:27 EST 2006


   Pioneer Breaker Supply has an Ebay auction, Buy it Now, relays for $9.95 each:

New Relay 30 Amp 120 Volt AC Panel Mount  								Item number:  								150054261261

Buy two of these since they are SPST 30A with 120vac coil.

IMHO I would stay away from Solid State relays when the load is not resistive. Yes you can get away with it if you oversize the SSR accordingly, but even then the zero crossing circuitry triggering the dual SCR or Triac firing might get fooled, and lead to some form of instability. With a SSR you also want a mechanical switch in series with the AC line in case the SCR's/Triac short out...could be a safety problem.


>I am using an old relay from a BC-610 to apply primary 


> (110vac) to a HV transformer in my rig.  I would like to 

> replace this

> with a vacuum relay or something similar.  The contacts 

> need to carry

> about 25 amps on each pole, one for the final supply, and 

> one for the

> modulator plates on a separate HV transformer.  Have any 

> of you bc-610

> owners done this upgrade?  If so, can you recommend a good 

> relay for

> this?  Prefer one with a 110 volt coil.


> Thanks.

> Brian / w5ami


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