[AMRadio] Trapped by the MailBot

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Dec 1 15:42:47 EST 2006

  The original Title of my previous message ("Transmitter fitting") was 
"Accomodating Big Iron" - and the Department of Byte-wise UCE Stoppage and 
Approved-Content-Only Filters   didn't like it a bit - of course it took a 
trip to the QTH mail site and some deciphering, because it's not specific 
as to exactly *what* words is/are a no-no...  just

"SPAM-ID: H0006.1 - Your message looks like spam. To find out why your 
email was rejected see http://mailman.qth.net/ (in reply to end of DATA 

   "in reply to end of DATA command" is a marvelous string that, I'm sure, 
means something, to somebody, somewhere....  but I changed the Subject: 
title and now I'm free at last - free at last!




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